Jeremy Berumen

Structural Performance Coach

Jeremy has been training in the Fitness Industry for over a decade. While starting out as a traditional Personal Trainer, his experiences, education, and philosophies have helped to cultivate a mindset that continuously evolves. Aside from playing football and competing for many years in Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jeremy has always maintained an athletic approach towards health and wellness. Before coming to San Diego, he worked for 5 years as the Athletic Director for Wellspring Academy, the world's first therapeutic weight loss facility for overweight teenagers. Jeremy has been featured on such media outlets as Dr. Phil (The story of the 600lb man), FOX, Canada Globe and Mail, and has done repeated works for NBC as well as being a contributing writer for Central Valley Health Magazine.

His approach to health revolves around a comprehensive and organic approach to movement. While he is a proponent of using weight training tools like kettlebells and clubbells, his philosophy towards truly sustainable strength ultimately comes back to the power of the brain. By reintegrating dormant aspects of our movement and biological characteristics, clients can enhance their ability to get out of pain, overcome stress, and develop complex motor skills that improve every endeavor from losing weight to performance training to having stronger bodies for life. Upon going through an assessment with Jeremy you will first understand how environment helps to shape our physical structure and influence every aspect of our physiology and hormonal balance. While working together you will first learn fascia and tissue release techniques to help undo the stress and damage from your muscles in order to begin training more advanced patterns of movement. And from there, begin the journey to truly fluid and powerful movement.